About Laurie

30 years ago when Laurie Shenkman started this business when England had already established a country and a financial force in this part of Europe, realty business was blooming, and she took her chance to become an independent estate agent. It was then when she decided to open her estate agency.

Fresh out of college, she decided that was her chance to make something. Opening an agency wasn’t an easy task – she started working on her own, but soon the market opened her new possibilities, and she started hiring people. Now she has ten full-time estate agents employed, and she doesn’t plan to stop there. 

Her mission has always been to run a successful estate agency and to have the trust of her clients. The real property market is always challenging, and competition is strong. It is one of the reasons why she always improves her skills and knowledge so that she could provide the best assistance.

Some of the best houses in England



Quiet village house



House built from rock

Wood House

Lake House

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