Laurie Shenkman

For almost 30 years Laurie Shenkman has been one of the most successful estate agents in England. Positive attitude and superb professional skills have made her become one of the best experts in the real property industry.

Planning abilities 

Considering she is one of the top real property experts in England, Laurie has excelled planning abilities. She is always on top of the game, very organize, punctual and diligent.


Laurie follows a strict schedule and time is precious to her. She indeed wants to commit to every client and order to create the best connection so that she could help them in a proper possible way. 

Hard working

People tend to recognize when someone is dedicated to his work, and Laurie most certainly is. She wouldn’t be here if she hasn’t spent years and years improving her skills and her knowledge.

Services Laurie Shenkman provides



Like every estate agent, Laurie provides buying services. Together with a client, she makes an agreement, trying to meet all the demands. She will provide you with almost impossible things. You just need to be opened and tell her what you are expecting from her. Laurie has a large data base of the houses and properties that are currently listed.



Vendors in England tend to make hard barging demands, so Laurie has her ways to make the best deal. England is a very popular country for investment, and many people are interested in buying a property here. Depending on the property you are buying, Laurie has a diversity of flats, houses, and manors to offer you, significantly ranging in prices.



Considering that not everyone can buy a property, Laurie has developed a special renting system. With her agency, you will get the best condition and protected service. Every landlord has been checked previously, and certain agreements have been made. Whether you are renting a flat, house or business premises, Laurie will provide you the best price and the best conditions.

A wide range of properties

When you come to our agency, we will offer you a large diversity of properties. Knowing that people have different social status and monetary abilities, we want to provide a large offer of assets. With our agency, you will find everything in one place. Laurie tends to have satisfied clients, and she wants to provide you with a large assortment of properties

Why choose this agency

First of all, we are one of the most reputable agencies in this part of England, with a large number of clients who trust us and choose our services willingly. With us, client’s needs come first. Laurie has done a magnificent job to build the credibility of this estate agency. Having in mind, she is the CEO and one of the most sought after estate agents in this industry; her name is a synonym for success.

Through a long lasting tradition, this agency has never had an unsuccessful deal, nor did we have a dispute with a client. We always tend to provide you with the best possible option and to help you make the best deal. We highly value the trust of our clients, and it is priceless for us. We strongly believe that satisfied client is the best advertisement for us.

If you still have doubts, we ask you to visit us, and we will prove you how wrong you are. We promise you friendly and welcoming atmosphere because we are always ready to make a deal with you so that both sides have benefits. Having in mind that price is the determinative factor in some occasion, we have prepared special offers for our future clients. You just need to come, and we will do the rest.

Our top advantages

Trustworthy service

Our agency together with Laurie on the top has been working for many years in the real property industry. Like we mentioned before, the trust of our clients is the most valuable asset for us. To have a good business relationship, we need to be open and sincere towards each other. It is the only way to achieve a good collaboration and a successful buying and selling.

Best conditions and prices

We all know how money is important nowadays; everyone is looking for ways to put some money aside. In such manner, we are willing to offer you the best conditions and prices. With us you will get a complete service, starting from negotiations to closing the deal and managing the paperwork. Having Laurie as our top expert, you will be offered a great chance to sell or buy your property.

Valuation Tools

I use valuation tool to check the property value. Online property valuation calculator gives us estimate price of how much your house worth. This service is free of charge. 

Here is another independent valuation tool to check your house value in the current market from one of the biggest buy or rent company around Great Britain.